Our Approach to Training

The backbone of our work is to build on system strengths that are already present and to help individuals and organizations meet their goals. Our process facilitates learning in your organization, which helps create a framework for continuous improvement. Rather than simply checking off a list of trainings, our approach is non-prescriptive and highly experiential.

Jessie Fuentes (She/Her)

Jessie Fuentes is an activist in the Humboldt Park Community in Chicago, IL. Jessie is a graduate of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School – the Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s very own educational institution. Jessie received a Bachelors in Justice Studies and a Masters in Community and Educational Leadership from Northeastern Illinois University.

Jessie has done work around empowering young people in the community, the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera, anti-gentrification work, education reform, and work around the independence of Puerto Rico. Jessie began her political work as the Director of a youth organization in Humboldt Park called the Batey Urbano. She is now the Dean of Student Affairs at Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School.

Through her social justice work, Jessie strives to create a more just world through policy and grassroots organizing.